The Solar Energy

The Solar Energy

Solar energy- is a process of change or conversion of sunlight into electrical energy. Along with the development and advancement of technology and knowledge, the current utilization of solar power coverage is very broad. Some of the use of solar power as a source of energy is electricity. One of the utilization of this energy is to convert it into electrical energy which is then used to operate the electronic device. Because the amount is not limited, the solar power is very suitable to serve as a source of electrical energy. In addition to being used as a source of electrical energy, solar power is also used for various other purposes, including to help dry agricultural products, to cooking, in particular stoves solar power, lighting is solar powered, heating solar powered, to heat water, heat the room, desalinization, and disinfectant, to run the vehicle using solar power including cars, airplanes, boats and hot air balloons and so on.

Along with the advancement of technology, the current solar power has even become part of an important and very influential on human life, especially for use as a source of electrical energy. Moreover, the type of fossil energy is also very limited and could not be updated so that inevitably humans must find alternative energy to meet the needs of electricity and fuel. With a variety of considerations and advantages, making solar power as a renewable energy choice of the most appropriate to be used as an alternative energy to replace fossil energy that is not environmentally friendly as well their numbers are dwindling.

To this day continues to develop solar power plants. This is a power plant that converts solar power into electrical energy. Electricity generation can be done in two ways, namely directly using solar panels and indirectly by the concentration of solar energy. The panels directly transform light energy into electricity using the photoelectric effect. While the concentration of solar power using a lens or mirror system in combination with a tracking system to focus the sun’s energy into a single point to drive a heat engine.

The solar panel is a device that converts light energy into electrical energy using the photoelectric effect. These devices are rendered first time in 1880 by Charles Fritts and to this day continue to be developed and refined. Solar power plants are the type of photovoltaic power plants that use voltage difference due to the photoelectric effect to generate electricity. In Indonesia alone, the solar power as a source of power generation is still being developed, especially as a tropical country Indonesia has a huge potential to develop solar. While the utilization of solar power as a source of electrical energy is also carried out independently, i.e., by utilizing solar panels and apply it at home, the building or certain places.

There are many reasons and advantages of utilizing solar power as a source of power generation, including environmentally friendly, the numbers are enormous and not limited, especially in Indonesia, which is a tropical country. So that makes solar energy as the most appropriate choice for alternative energy substitute for fossil energy.

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