Solar Power System

Solar Power System

Solar power systems- Along with the development and advancement of technology and knowledge, the current scope of the utilization of solar energy is getting very wide, including the as a source of electrical energy. The system works is by converting solar energy into electrical energy which is then used to operate the electronic device. Because the amount is not limited to, solar power does have a huge potential for development of renewable energy as well as alternative energy to replace fossil energy that we know that fossil energy is not very environmentally friendly and their numbers dwindling, because fossil energy is a type of energy that could not be updated. So inevitably the man should be able to find alternative energy to replace fossil Energy.

To this day there are a lot of countries that have developed and built the solar, is also in Indonesia. Along with the progress of technology and science, the current solar power has even become part of an important and very influential on human life. Most of you probably do not notice where electricity comes from, especially for those who have not had the problem of electricity crisis. When in fact there are so many places on this earth that electricity crisis even totally unreached by the State electricity network. Today people still rely on fossil fuels as the main energy source, whereas according to an estimate by the end of this century over the world’s oil reserves will be exhausted.

Humans have several times made the turn from resources such as firewood to coal, from coal to oil and from oil to gas. All the appointments will essentially due to renewable energy sources in his time much cleaner, economical and efficient. We have already developed has begun to be utilized renewable energy sources, namely solar power system. This is one of the renewable energy sources that will never run out. Using renewable energy from solar power is much more economical, more efficient, less expensive and also environmentally friendly because solar power did not produce waste or pollution, as the use of fossil energy.

Actually the workings of solar power plants is very simple, the main component of the power plant is in addition to the sun’s heat is solar panel or solar panels. It is the cells that capture the sun’s heat, and then converted into electrical energy. Renewable energy from solar power itself has begun to be applied in Indonesia, although not in a large capacity, but for small things already started to be applied, such as the use of public street lighting, emergency lighting, traffic lights, garden lights, vehicles and so on, however, when compared to some other developed countries, Indonesia is still far behind, especially in utilization of solar power as a source of electricity generation. Nevertheless, to this day in Indonesia was still pursued the development and optimization of the utilization of solar power systems is done either by scientists, researchers, government and investors.

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