The Solar Electricity

The Solar Electricity

Solar electricity is sourced electrical energy on solar power. The process starts from a panel on a solar power plant that works to capture sunlight is then converted into electrical energy direct current (DC). Solar power generation is itself a renewable energy as well as alternative energy to replace fossil energy in addition to the numbers continues to diminish as well as fossil energy is an energy source that is not environmentally friendly. Waste and pollution resulting from the use of fossil energy has caused many damages and natural phenomena such as global warming, acid rain and depletion of the ozone layer. For those who are environmentally conscious, then the use of solar power is the way to benefit from renewable resources while reducing electricity bills.

In Indonesia solar power plants continue to be developed, both in large-scale solar power plants for the needs of the mass as well as a small scale that is used to meet the electricity needs of households and personal. The biggest benefit of the system is the utilization of solar energy is that the fuel is free and unlimited source. It only takes a little maintenance on solar panels because there are no moving parts. The device is even claimed in defense and could be used for more than 25 years without decreasing efficiency.

Because solar electricity is independent and not dependent on the electricity network, then in case of blackouts by PLN, this will not affect the solar electricity. It means that, despite the extensive damage to the electricity network, solar panel users can still enjoy the comforts of home that utilizes solar power. For the environment, the use of solar energy produces no emissions because there is no burning of fossil fuels. Applications of solar power as a source of electricity is divided into two systems that use a pure Off Grid solar power and is no longer connected to the electricity network and systems On Grid is still connected to the grid. So this system works during the day when the sun is shining, while at night, the electricity needs will be supplied by PLN. Application on this grid serves to improve the efficiency of the electricity usage and help to suppress monthly electricity bill.

Although the device is a solar power for homes has been commonly and widely used, especially in recent years, but the rate is still very low when compared with fossil energy users. Because it must be recognized that to enjoy solar power, the required initial investment cost is relatively large. However, this is in accordance with the results obtained. Due to the use of solar power is very efficient, helping you to be able to suppress the monthly electricity bills, helping you to contribute to save the planet from a variety of ill effects caused by waste fossil energy and to keep in mind is that the application of solar power by using solar panels is also very durable, they are able to function properly without decreasing the efficiency even after decades of use. With these considerations, it is not if then more and more people who are interested to apply solar electricity, especially to supply the electricity needs of households.

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