The Solar Cell Street Lights

The Solar Cell Street Lights

The street lights solar cell is a solar-powered street light which is it can light up and emit light illumination without using electrical energy, but by utilizing sunlight. The solar cell is the active elements that convert sunlight into electrical energy. As we know that Indonesia is a country that went through the equator and receives more solar heat than the other hemisphere. It makes Indonesia as a country that has a tremendous potential to develop solar-powered energy for the future generation.

Over time, various technologies and installation of solar cells began developed. Various products have also been applied in many sectors, including for the purpose of lighting through solar-powered street lights. In addition to environmentally friendly and efficient, street lights solar cells have also been proven to provide lighting with high quality. Street lights solar cell is widely applied in various regions in Indonesia, not only for the areas that far from the reach of electricity, but also in major cities.

Solar cell material consists of protective glass and a transparent adhesive material that protects the solar cell material from the environment. Anti-reflection material will absorb more light and reduce the amount of reflected light. The solar cell is a pn junction of single silicon crystal. By using the photo-electric effect of a semiconductor material, which is the solar cells can convert sunlight directly into electricity (DC). If the solar cell is subjected to sunlight, it will rise the electrons and the holes. The electrons and holes occur in about pn junction then move successively toward the n layer and the p layer. So, that when the electrons and holes across the pn junction, they will be the potential difference at both ends of the solar cell. If both of electrons and holes ends of the solar cells are loaded, then there will be an electric current flowing through the load.

Recent days, the solar cells become one of the results of efficient power generation technologies for alternative energy sources for the future generation. For storing power generated a solar cell. The battery that uses must have high enough Ampere hour because to turn on the lamp of 10 watts for a night, ideally needed Battery 12 V / 10 A. whereas to change the voltage of DC 12 V AC 220 battery be required an inverter and for better results use the sine wave inverter.

The street lights solar cells are proven to have many advantages, besides being very eco-friendly and energy saving, it has also proven to provide maximum illumination. Particularly at this time also developed various kinds of street lights, such as LED street lights types, it is one of the more efficient and produces maximum illumination. It is the appropriate combination to get street lights eco-friendly, efficient, provide maximum illumination and aesthetic design. Because some types of street lights solar cell are also designed modern and very attractive with the variety of shapes, and also a variety of light poles are also used.

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