Li-Ion Battery

Li-Ion Battery

Li-ion battery is charged by the DC current from the solar panels. Not only to save the DC power but also to converts chemical energy into electricity. Without a battery, the power supply to the solar source tools electricity consumption will stop at night or when there is no sunlight. However, with the use of a battery then at night even though the device will remain operable. In addition to applications in electrical devices solar sources, the battery is also applied to the portable devices that do not allow to be connected to the electricity network such as the mobile phone.

There are many types of batteries, including the lithium ion battery, or better known as li-ion. The lithium ion battery has long appeared and has been applied to the mobile phone. The battery continues to experience innovations and improvements both in terms of features, quality and capacity. So, do not be surprised if today there are many types of lithium-ion batteries on the market which each has varying features and capacity. Thus, allowing you to be more flexibility in choosing and adapting to the needs and budget that is owned course because of different types and capacities it will be different price.

Li-ion battery using the positive electrode include lithium cobalt oxide, lithium iron phosphate or lithium manganese oxide, usually negative graphite electrode and the electrolyte of ethylene carbonate and diethyl carbonate. The electrolyte is stored in organic solvents between the electrodes, and the entire battery pack is bound by metal. In addition, the protection circuit is also added to adjust the level of voltage and current within safe limits. These batteries are designed very compact with many advantages that include high energy density, has a long shelf life that makes it more durable and long lasting, this battery can also be replaced so.

The lithium-ion battery is now used for a variety of devices, even not only for devices that require little power, but also devices that require high power, such as household appliances and even up to various devices solar powered such as public lighting various types of other devices well off grid and on grid. Indeed, in addition to the lithium-ion battery is still there is a wide selection of other battery types that can be applied to the power storage and help operate the device when no electrical energy is flowing. However, lithium-ion battery is the favorite choice for this kind of battery is shown to have a lot of interesting features and qualities that are no doubt.

To be able to find a lithium ion battery is also not hard to do because there are a lot of distributors and suppliers who provide them. This allows you to be more flexibility in choosing and adapting well to the needs and the budget you have, because of the different type and capacity of the battery, it will be different price. To get the optimum benefit and satisfying, it is important to consider the quality and the fit between Li-ion battery type to be used and the types of electronic devices.

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