Solar-Powered Lighting Lamp

Solar-Powered Lighting Lamp

Solar-powered lighting lamp- Indonesia is a tropical country that is crossed by the equator. It makes Indonesia abound and no shortage of sunshine, almost in every corner of the area, the sun shining throughout the morning until late afternoon. It is very favorable conditions with great potential if utilized to the maximum, for example, is by utilizing solar energy is emitted to be converted into electrical energy. So, that it can be used as a source of electrical energy for household goods as well as for lighting. Transform solar energy into electrical energy is not impossible because till the day is being developed technology to convert sunlight into electrical energy, such as by using solar cell.

In addition to having great potential, solar power plants are also very environmentally friendly, abundant and even unlimited, readily available and cheap, so it is very promising. Besides solar energy as electrical power also has many advantages which are a renewable energy and abundant and inexhaustible, solar power is a clean and environmentally friendly, is a long-term investment that promises, practically, does not require treatment and is perfect for tropical areas like Indonesia.

One of the applications of solar power that is currently being developed is lighting lamp. Solar-powered lighting lamp has also been applied for various purposes such as for street lighting in remote areas far from the reach of electricity for street lighting in residential, docks, parks, sports stadiums and so on. There are many benefits gained from the use of lighting, solar powered which are more economical because it means you no longer need to pay the cost of monthly electricity, solar power is also very efficient because installation is easy and requires no cables, environmentally friendly and results in information optimal. So, we can conclude that the use of solar energy as a power source as the lighting is done through a variety of considerations such as Want to contribute to the environment, more efficient and practical, independent or not change with PLN, for lighting in remote areas both those who are far from the reach of electricity or it is not untouched by electricity.

Until the day the solar powered lighting lamp is still being developed. So, it is not surprising if many emerging types of solar powered lights are popping up. They have varying specifications. Therefore, you should be more careful and selective to find the most appropriate type of solar powered lighting. Some important things that must be considered before choosing and buying a solar-powered lighting are:

  1. The amount of power needed in everyday use (Watt)
  2. How much current is produced by solar cells, in this case, take into account how many solar cells to be installed.
  3. How many units of batteries needed for the desired of lighting lamp capacity.

For some people, it is not an easy task to perform calculations and determine the type of solar-powered lighting that most appropriate to use. However, do not worry, because you can consult it with the distributor of solar-powered lighting lamp.

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