Solar-Powered of Public Lighting Lamps

Solar-Powered of Public Lighting Lamps

Solar-Power of Public Lighting Lamps is the public lighting lamps that operated by solar power as a source of electrical energy. So, it does not require electric power PLN. This public lighting lamp is very suitable for the street that not reached by the electricity as well as regions experiencing energy crisis such as in remote areas, However, solar-powered public lighting has now been widely applied in urban areas start for lighting in the main streets, residential, parking lots, gas stations, city parks, and so on.

Solar Street Lighting is a highly efficient alternative to be used as sources of illumination because it uses free energy source, namely solar energy. Thus, users no longer have to think about the cost of electricity to be paid monthly. Solar-powered lighting is also supported by solar panels which have a lifetime of up to 25 years and serves receives sunlight which is then converted into electricity through the photovoltaic process. These lights will turn on automatically at dusk and turn off in the morning. So, it is not the user does not have to bother to turn on and turn off the lights. Besides solar-powered lighting is also very easy to apply and easy to maintain.

Solar-Power of Public Lighting Lamps is also supported by the use of LED lamp types are very bright, energy efficient and durable. When compared with other types of lamps, LED lamps have a very efficient and economical with a lifespan longer lamp that can reach 50,000 hours by a DC power source. The batteries used are maintenance-free batteries, so it is very practical and also not a hassle. No less interesting than the use of general lighting lamps solar energy is that solar power can operate autonomously and does not require a network cable between the pole so the installation will be very easy and it can be spared from total black out when an interruption occurs.

Overall this system is designed to provide general illumination light with a renewable energy source, free of cost treatment with a longer lifetime. With mounting system, quickly and easily, as well as the value of a given efficiency, solar lighting makes this the right solution to address the needs of street lighting, especially for remote areas not reached by electricity. Of course, this is excellent news, especially for those who are living in areas without electricity, because now they can enjoy the general lighting and more optimal activity, especially at night.

From the various descriptions above, it can be concluded that the Solar-Power of Public Lighting Lamps is the most appropriate choice for a variety of considerations such as light and durable, highly energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, quick and easy installation, easy maintenance, long Lifetime and suitable for application in various places such as in public street, garden, Lamp dock, Lights parking area, lights highway secluded, Lamp rural roads, lights sports fields, residential neighborhood, gas stations area, factory area, beach area and a variety of other places that allow for the application of general lighting lamps solar power.

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