Solar Street Lamp

Solar Street Lamp

The solar street lamp is now increasingly used, both in areas far from the reach of electricity as well as in the main cities are actually getting enough electricity. Like the name, this solar powered lamp is only supplied from the solar energy received by the solar modules into electricity and stored in batteries, so it does not require a supply of PLN altogether. It also means that the use of street lamp is no longer need to pay monthly electricity. The use of street lights, especially LED based street lights are proven to use less power and efficient than other types of lamps.

There are so many advantages offered by solar powered lights, including the installation is very easy because it does not require a power cord. So, it is suitable for areas far from the reach of electricity. Installation using a power cord becomes uneconomic because the price of the cable is not cheap, especially for long distance requirement which of course will be the number of cables required. In addition, solar powered light is also very environmentally friendly because it does not produce pollution at all. Today there are many types of solar powered street lights are constantly being developed, in which each type offers advantages in terms of both features and stability. So, do not be surprised if later users of solar street lights even more and more. Some important considerations turn the solar-powered street lights as options, which are:

  1. The durability of solar panel modules and LED higher
  2. It was self-contained, without grid
  3. Using solar energy is abundant and can be obtained free of charge
  4. No need to spoil it for building electricity network, because it can be installed without wires
  5. Installation is very easy
  6. Without treatment
  7. Easy to be moved

In addition to street lighting, a solar street lamp can also be applied to a variety of places, such as for lighting parks, the pier lights, lights highway isolated light parking lots, lighting, travel, street lights plantation, light rural roads, street lights mining, etc. The solar street light system is suitable for disadvantaged areas and areas of energy crisis.

As well as on the use of other types of street lamps, can select and apply solar-powered street lights should also be considered several important points such as the height of a lamppost. Adjust the height of the lamp (high light 4-8 meters) with the light level required, e.g., 4 meters’ lamppost using 10 watt LED lamp street lights, 6 meters’ lampposts using 20 watt LED lamp street lights, 7 meters’ lampposts using 30 watt LED lamp street lights and 8 meters’ lampposts using 40 watt LED lamp street lights. The solar street lamp is a cost-efficient alternative to using as a power source of lighting for energy sources and unlimited free from nature, namely solar energy. Besides, solar street lights are also very suitable for application in various environments as well as urban and rural areas.

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