The Solar Name System

The Solar Name System

The solar name system- Solar energy system is one of the renewable energy whereas continue to be developed for mass and optimal used. The sun is the energy found in the galactic system. The sun produces energy that is collected directly from sunlight. The energy from the sun is the future be used as energy power plant, which has been widely applied in various sectors, both to meet the energy needs of electric household and industry.

The use of fossil power could not be relied upon for the future because there is very limited and could not be updated. Therefore, when used continuously, it will run out. When the power source of this fossil was gone and not found a replacement, it means that the human must be prepared to live without electricity. Yes, no electricity, no lights, no TV, no refrigerator, no AC and all other electronic devices. Because man human not lives without electricity, making many efforts to find new sources of electric energy continued. Using solar power is one of the efforts that are still being developed.

Solar power as a power plant is not a new thing, and it even has developed since tens of years ago. Even overseas also been widely applied to the housing. Similarly, in Indonesia, until today continues its efforts to develop solar power. Up to this day has a broad range of products and electric-powered created. Basically, the Solar Name System is a form of application of solar power, solar power plants that the concept is simple. I.e. converts sunlight into electrical energy. Natural resources sun is already widely used to supply electrical power communications satellite solar panels. These solar panels can generate electrical energy in unlimited. So, that the solar cell system is often said to be a clean and environmentally friendly because it does not produce pollution or waste. Not only that, they were obtained directly from the sun, the source of electricity is also very affordable because the amount of sunlight is abundant and can be obtained free of charge. Especially in Indonesia, which is a tropical country where sunlight is abundant here. Then this will be a huge potential for Indonesia to develop solar power plants.

Solar cell system used on the surface of the earth consists of solar panels, controller circuits, and battery charging 12-volt maintenance free. The solar panel is a module that consists of several solar cells are combined in series and parallel connected. The solar modules produce electrical energy that is proportional to the surface area of the panel is exposed to sunlight. There are several major components in the solar system, including the application of Solar Modules, AC Module, Controller, and Battery. Electrical load to the solar name system in general only in the form of energy saving lamp due to a considerable burden solar panels have not been able to fulfill. But it is not impossible that one day the solar system can be used to meet all the main electricity needs.

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