The 100 Wp Solar Panel

The 100 Wp Solar Panel

The 100 Wp solar panel- Solar panels are devices that consist of solar cells that convert sunlight into electrical energy. The solar panels are often called photovoltaic cells or light-electricity. The solar cells are very dependent on the photovoltaic effect to absorb the sun’s energy and cause current to flow between two different charged layer. The solar panel is a very critical component in the application of solar-powered electricity. Because of this, the sun will be captured and then converted to electrical energy that eventually the sun will be used as a power source to drive or operate certain electronic devices.

The solar panels are produced in many types of choice. There are differences in features, stability, capacity and the price of course. That is why wise and selective in choosing is crucial to do so that you can find the right type of solar panel and according to need. Based on the capacity, the solar panel is available in many options, including the of 100 Wp solar panel which is one of the most popular and most widely used, particularly for housing. WP or abbreviation of Watt-Peak is a term utilized in the world of solar energy. WP describes the magnitude of the nominal peak Watts that can be generated from a solar system.

For the calculation of power, it certainly could not be done haphazardly. Well here are some tips determine the power that you can follow:

  1. First Instance all you need to determine in advance how the needs of the total number of loads in the house that would use energy from solar panels. Of the electric bill, we can see the level of consumption in the form of kWh per month.
  2. Next is to determine how long the load will be switched on by using the solar panel system?
  3. The total amount of wattage should be added about 20 percent of which is electricity used by devices other than solar panels, the inverter as a modifier DC current into AC current regulator and controller as the closing current to the battery if the battery voltage is excessive in the current decision and dismiss from battery if the battery is nearly empty.
  4. Of the total wattage after adding 20%, if divided by 12 V or public owned battery voltage then the current strength needed to be found in a matter of Ampere. Then you can adjust this need with the number of batteries and the battery capacity to be used.
  5. By knowing the calculated amount of these requirements, then you will get the required number of panels. If using the 100 Wp solar panel, then a day of this panel will produce a supply of 100 Wp x 5 (h) = 500 watts. As for the 5-hour effectiveness derived from the average time, the sun shines in tropical countries like Indonesia.

6.    If one panel is 100 Wp capable of providing power of 500 watts, then you will be able to determine how the number of solar panels needed to meet the electricity needs at home.

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