Simple Solar Panel

Simple Solar Panel

Simple solar panel – Solar panels are devices that consist of assembly Photovoltaic cells whose function is to convert light energy of sunlight into electricity, either directly using photovoltaics, or indirectly using concentrated solar power. Solar panels as solar power system designed to be more efficient and more affordable to take advantage of the economic and environmental benefits. Nowadays solar panels have been widely applied in various places for the purpose of application of solar power plants. Not only used in homes but also utilized in the Area and remote areas far from the reach of electricity for street lighting, water pumps, coolers and so on. Even applications not only for static devices but also applied to a portable device.

Solar Panel looks complicated, but the solar panel circuit is very simple. The solar panel is composed of cell modules to convert sunlight directly into electricity. When it has been present many choices of solar panels on the market, where each type of solar panels has features and specifications which differ from one another. Some of the types of solar panels are Monocrystal (Mono-crystalline), polycrystalline (poly-crystalline) and Thin Film Photovoltaic. To get the most out of the solar panel system is very important for you to do the calculations accurately beforehand. This calculation is crucial to know a number of wattage needs and then customize with the number and capacity of solar panels that will be used.

Compared to a fossil power plants, solar panels do have a lot of advantages that include solar panels are environmentally friendly because it does not produce gas emissions as the fossil energy. In addition, the installation of solar panels is also very easy because it does not use the cables. Simple solar panels also proved far more efficient because it does not use fuel, but purely using sunlight. The use of solar panels is extremely durable with electric power capacity can be added as needed.

The solar panel serves to pass the photoelectric effect in which certain material creates electricity when the sun shines. The solar panel consists of a silicon crystal in which each half didopin be different dopants to produce a semiconductor. By the time the sun appeared on the surface, the solar panels provide the energy needed for the semiconductor to generate direct current (DC). Because generated from the solar panels is direct current, then for the use of household electronic devices needed inverter whose function is to convert the DC current into AC. Only the power source can be used for electrical appliances in the home.

Nowadays various types and capacity of solar panels have been widely available in the market. So, it is not difficult for you to find it. Not only that, today there are many suppliers of solar panels are present with providing a variety of attractive offers, ranging from package options are more complete and varied, competitive prices and a range of professional services satisfactory. It will help you to more easily choose and find the kind of simple solar panel that best suits your needs and budget.

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