Solar Panel Applied

Solar Panel Applied

Solar panel applied – Solar panel devices as solar power plants today is widely used, both for household purposes, public street lighting as well as for other special purposes. The solar panel is a device used to capture sunlight which then is converted into electrical energy for use. Over the course of time, the current solar panels are being constantly developed to be present in a lot of choices in types and capacities. Based on the type, make solar panels are distinguished 3 they are Monocrystal, Polycrystal, and Thin Film. Each type has the power absorption of solar radiation that is different from one another, depending on the size of the panel measured in Watt Peak (Wp).

Not only the type of solar panels varies, installation of solar panels that are applied also varies. There are two types of installations based on the commonly applied namely on grid systems and off grid system. Solar Panels installation is without using batteries. The equipment used is On Grid Inverter can be in direct connection with a source of electricity or another power source. While the Solar Panel Installation using a Battery is to installation Off the Grid with a DC system, the equipment in use is the solar panel, controller, and battery. To turn it into AC can be used inverter. However, for large scale, and connected with many networks will require special expertise for the installation process.

The solar panel applied today’s increasingly broad and likely to continue growing, of course, is because the public awareness of the importance of protecting the environments and the earth as well as securing natural resources is increasing. As we know that energy fossil power produces waste which could adversely impact on the environment. In addition, the amount is also very limited and could not be updated. Therefore, when exhausted, then the use of fossil power will also be stopped. That’s why it’s important to develop renewable energy besides being able to meet the electricity needs of man also be environmentally friendly. In this case, the solar power plant is the most appropriate choice, but because it has a huge potential, especially in tropical countries such as Indonesia, solar power also only uses sunlight as a source of energy which is, of course, more secure, environmentally friendly and abundant.

For those of you who are interested and are planning to install solar panels, then before applying should have to do the calculations carefully in order to determine the number of solar panels needed. This calculation can be done independently or in consultation directly to experts. To do the calculations yourself is not difficult to do because you can find out through a number of electricity bills every month. How much power is used and then converted to solar power panels. Although the application of solar panels is very easy and can be done by self, but it should still be done carefully and selectively. Before doing solar panel applied, you should first understand how the components and the instructions provided by the supplier or manufacturer, it will help you to be able to install more easily and correctly.

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