Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar panel efficiency is the ratio of electrical output from the solar panels to the incident energy in the form of sunlight. The energy conversion efficiency of a solar cell is the percentage of solar energy for the cells affected are not converted into electrical energy. A solar cell operates on voltage and current. With Increased resistive load on the cell irradiation from zero to the highest value, then the load cell can deliver maximum electrical power at the level of irradiation. There are several factors that affect the value of the conversion efficiency of solar panels, such as reflectance efficiency, the effectiveness of charge carrier separation, thermodynamic efficiency and effectiveness values of conduction.

Although today has developed various technologies to improve the efficiency of solar panel, but generally only solar panel has an efficiency of about 20-30%. It means that a solar panel can convert only about 20-30% of the entire energy of light received by the solar panels, while the rest is reflected back into the air. It also means that in standard conditions, the solar panels with an area of about 1 m2 can produce about 200 W of energy per hour. But this is not a benchmark value, because the amount of electrical power produced is also influenced by the intensity of sunlight at the venue. For areas that have high exposure to sunlight, they will produce more electrical energy that can reach 3000 W.

To improve the solar panel efficiency, there are several ways you can do, such as by increasing the intensity of the sunlight, thus; it is typical photo generated carriers generated will also increase which increase efficiency can reach 15%. This is a typical concentrator system that can use light intensity 6-400 times the sun. The conversion efficiency of solar panels in combination with the available irradiation has a major influence on costs.

Each type of solar panel is generally having different efficiency levels between one another, because that’s very important for you to act selectively in choosing the type of solar panels that will be used. There are so many considerations, as this will greatly affect the quality, efficiency and the level of satisfaction you can use solar panels. To get this type of solar panels at its best with high efficiency levels, you should only choose and entrust the needs of solar panels to the professional and reliable manufacturer or supplier that they are providing a choice of quality products with options are varied, reasonably priced and competitive and supported also by professional services satisfactory.

Adjusting the needs of the type of solar panels that will be used by the surrounding natural conditions in the environment is also crucial to stay. For those of you who are still confused in find selection and operating efficiency of the utilization of solar panels, should not hesitate to consult with the supplier of solar panels. They certainly will be happy the day to assist you in finding the best types of solar panels as well as provide value optimum efficiency solar panels and in line with expectations.

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