The Solar Panel for the Water Pump

The Solar Panel for the Water Pump

The solar panels for the water pump- Water Pumps are one of the applications of solar power plants that in recent time is so popular and in high demand. It is an independent water pump that works using a source of electricity generated by solar photovoltaics through solar panels and economical operation of wind-powered pumps which do not provide adequate performance. The water pump is highly recommended for use in power crisis areas or even in unreached electricity network zones. With the utilization of this water pump, efforts to meet the needs of clean water will become easier. No matter if you want to use to address the needs of drinking water, bathing, washing or even for irrigation, this is a very appropriate choice, especially in Indonesia is also a tropical country where in this country sunlight is plentiful and can be found almost every day throughout Indonesia.

Water pump with solar propulsion works at low speed so that water can flow even though at the time if the clouds blocked the sun. There are many benefits that get from the use of water pumps solar-powered such as independent, because it does not use electricity grid or a generator, so flexible, the design of springs in, Economical, do not use the battery to work during the day, works automatically, system control and certainly more practical, because utilization and installation can be done more easily without the use of wires or other devices. Solar water pumps have fully utilized sunlight as driving force. This means that you no longer need to think about to pay the cost of electricity, fuel or other purchase. Because sunlight can be obtained free of charge and the amount is very abundant.

Solar water pumps consist of solar panels that generate DC electric current when exposed to sunlight and DC water pump for pumping water. The solar panel for the water pump has a crucial role because this is the device that will capture sunlight and then convert them into electrical energy. Currently, there are two types they are solar water pumps using battery (battery-coupled) and without using the battery (direct-coupled). For this kind of water pump with battery consists of a solar cell panel, battery charge regulator, battery, controller pumps, water pressure detection unit in the tank, and of course the DC water pump. While on the water pump without a battery, the system DC electric current from solar panels directly channeled to the water pump.

The water pump is working Based on regardless of the magnitude of the voltage produced by the solar panel. For this second type, the water pump can only be used during the day or when the sun is shining, while for the evenings, they could not be operated. The amount of water pumped is dependent on the intensity of sunlight on the solar panel and the type of pump used. Their corresponding pump controller which is installed between the solar panels for the water pump and water pump will help compensate for the voltage of the intensity of the sun changes. In this system required a larger tank.

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