What Is Solar Panel

What Is Solar Panel

What is solar panel? The solar panel is a device consisting of solar cells that convert light into electricity. The solar panels are also referred to as photovoltaic cells that can be interpreted as a light-electricity. These solar panels rely on the photovoltaic effect to absorb the sun’s energy and cause current to flow between two different charged layer. The electric current generated by the solar panels is direct current (DC), which means to be used on electronic devices most in need of alternating current (AC) then need the inverter whose role is to transform DC into AC electric current.

The solar panels as a source of electrical energy are very practical because the application is very easy, it does not require a specific network as well as on electrical installations PLN. The solar panels are also very environmentally friendly because its use does not generate waste or pollution, as the use of fossil energy. Moreover, as is well known that the fossil power sources that have been used is a kind of natural resources that could not be updated and the number is very limited. This means that if fossil energy sources are exhausted, then the user must be stopped.

Although it proved to have a lot of advantages and benefits compared with fossil energy as a source of electric power, but until this day the amount of usage of solar panels in the world the world is still small. Generally, they are held back by the high cost per watt compared to fossil fuels. Moreover, the application of solar panels, this also means that you no longer need to pay the monthly electricity costs, particularly for the use of an off-grid system where the solar panels are independent or self-sufficient and not dependent on the electricity. Fully electric energy generated by the solar panel whether it is from the sun instead of the electricity.

Solar energy is an attractive renewable energy that choice for many homeowners across the world. This especially because the solar panels are environmentally friendly and do not contribute to climate change as in the case of the use of fossil fuels because the solar panels do not emit harmful greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide. The condition of the earth is getting older, filled with waste and pollution made it dangerous to live in. If this condition is allowed to continue without any effort, of course, the earth will suffer permanent damage that will be ultimately detrimental to all human beings. Not only environmental considerations but also because solar panels harness the sun and solar energy is the most abundant form of energy. The solar panels are also easy to install and have a very low maintenance costs because there are no moving parts. Although it must spend no small investment for the application of solar panels, but it should be known that the solar panels do not lose a lot of efficiency in the life of those who achieve 20+ years. So, after knowing what solar panel is? are you interested in applying?

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