On-Grid Solar Panel

On-Grid Solar Panel

On-Grid solar panels- the Solar panel is a device used for solar power generation. This is the most critical component, as a function of the solar panels is to capture sunlight and then convert them into electrical energy. After being processed by the solar panels is then sunlight will be used to operate the electronic device. Along with its development, currently there is many types of existing solar panels, as well as its operating system, one of the is on the grid. Residential solar systems On Grid a Green Energy solutions for urban residents either residential or office. The system uses solar modules to generate electricity that is environmentally friendly and emission-free. With this system, it will help to reduce the electricity bills of households and even can add value to their owners. Different with the off-grid system, the system on the grid will remain in contact with the grid but still by optimizing the utilization of solar module for generating electrical energy as possible. It will suppress the use of the electricity, so it will help you save on monthly electricity costs.

During the day, solar modules installed on the roof will convert sunlight into electrical energy Direct Current (DC). Furthermore, a component called Grid-inverter dynamic change direct current (DC) electricity from PV into alternating current (AC) that can then be used to supply various household appliances. Because as we know that most and even almost all household appliances using alternating current (DC). So, you are no longer using the electricity during the day. Because the on-grid solar panels will meet your electricity needs during the day, especially when the sun shines. While at night or when the sun is blocked by clouds, then the equipment will be supported by the grid of PLN. So, you no longer need to worry about how the needs and the use of electricity at night or when sunlight is blocked by clouds.

There are so many advantages that you can get from the application of on-grid solar panels, of which is to reduce the use of fossil fuels that reduce pollution or fuel emissions, the solar panels are also cleaner and use the free energy from the sun throughout the year, it does not require operating costs, operating and a very easy system maintenance, will help stabilize the grid on PLN voltage on the load side and of course to help reduce monthly electric bill even excess PV electricity generated can be sold to PLN. System On Grid is a technology that uses photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electrical energy. Solar power generation On-Grid is a type of PLTS can connect directly with electricity generation.

This system is suitable for application in offices, homes, airports, tourist object, shopping centers and even for buildings or public facilities. With the application of the on-grid solar panel, it will help you to be able to suppress the payment of the cost of the electricity.

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