Solar LED Street Lighting

Solar LED Street Lighting

Solar LED street lighting is the street lights are lit by using sunlight as a source of electrical energy. It is very suitable for the unreached area of the electricity as well as for areas experiencing energy crisis, especially in remote locations. However, but in the days this PJU Solar has been rife applied in urban areas such as in the field of the main roads, residential roads, bus stops, parking lots, parks and so on. Of course, this is because of the various advantages of using solar street light that could not be obtained through conventional street lights.

Solar Street lighting is an alternative that is very practical and efficient to be used as a lighting source. Because the used of solar power LEDs also means that you use the free energy source that can be obtained from sunlight with an unlimited amount. The function of the solar panels to receive sunlight is then converted into electrical energy through the photovoltaic process. Solar LED lighting automatically light up at dusk and off in the morning with maintenance easy and efficient. With this feature also makes this street lamp standalone and does not require a special operator to turn on or turn off the lights. This feature will be very helpful, especially when applied in the areas that away from the residential occupation that does not allow people to be able to stay and do the job as an operator to turn off and turn on the lights. This is one strong reason that makes the illumination of solar power as the best option.

Although highly efficient and save energy, but you do not have to worry about how is the illumination generated from these lights. Because by using LED lights kind of hi-power very bright. Besides the lighting capacity options also vary widely, it allows you to be more flexibility in choosing and adapting to the needs. Not only high illumination intensity, but LED light also has a very long life in the tens of years. With a length of lamp replacement interval means also reduces the frequency of maintenance and operating costs. The batteries used are maintenance-free battery types and type VRLA Deep Cycle. Solar LED street lighting also operates independently and does not require a network cable. It also makes the road lighting is to avoid a total blackout when the interruption occurs. Because the installation of this lighting is easy and requires no cables and specific network, this allows the installation can be done by anyone, including those who do not have special expertise in an electrical network.

Many reasons make the solar LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular and is able to replace conventional lamps, especially since street lighting. A variety of advantages of using solar LED street lighting which is lighter and durable, efficient of energy, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, quick and easy to install, cost-effective care, lifetime is long, fits in all locations and are available in a variety of selection of the type, capacity, and color.

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