30 Watts Solar Street Lighting

30 Watts Solar Street Lighting

30 watt solar street lighting- Solar Street Lighting is a street lighting which use sunlight as a source of electrical energy. Because it requires only solar power, the lights will no longer require the grid. So use is more independent, as well as the installation is easier due to the installation did not require cables and networks to certain complex as at the time of the installation of lighting electricity grid. Solar street lighting is suitable for the roads in areas not reached by the electricity and also areas that are experiencing electric energy crisis, especially in remote areas. However, later solar street lighting is rife applied in urban areas as in the main streets, residential streets, garden lights, bus shelters, parking lots and so on.

Besides easy to apply and more efficient, PJU solar power is also equipped with automatic features so that the lights will turn themselves in during the evening and turns off when the mornings. With this feature, it is no longer needed special operator to turn on and turn off the lights. Solar street lighting is an efficient alternative and effective for use as a power source of lighting for energy sources and unlimited free from nature, namely solar energy.

As with any public street lighting other types, solar street lighting is also present in many choices of types and capacities. This allows users to more easily choose and adapt to the needs and level of the lighting lamps expected. 30 watt solar street lighting is one of popular solar street lighting and widely used for street lighting. This power is considered the most appropriate to provide street lighting in general, as well as energy efficiency. PJU TS is generally sold in a special package where the package contains a variety of equipment. As for the specifications PJU TS 30 Watt including the PJU TS 30 Watt LED light mono 30 Watt, 1 Solar Panels 100 WP, 1 Battery Control Unit BCU, 1 Battery VRLA 12 V 100 Amperes, 1 Box Battery Corrosion and 1 light poles or less 7 m.

In PJU TS powered by LED lights in addition to the more efficient use of electrical power, lamp type LED is also very efficient. These lamps have a very long interval replace the tens of years. Making it more efficient and you will not have to worry to constantly replace them in the near future. Not only that, LED lights also have a bright flame and is available in various color options. Various features of solar street lights defining you to find the most appropriate for applied solar street lighting.

Currently it is not difficult to find solar street lights 30 watt LED, because there are so many factories and agents who sell them with a compelling choice both in terms of product, price and service provided. This allows you to be more easily and freely in finding it according to the needs of solar power 30 watt solar street lighting you as well as the budget.

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