Solar LED Street Lights

Solar LED Street Lights

Solar LED street lights use of solar street lights is now increasingly widespread, due to solar street lights based on LED use less power and efficiently. In addition, in terms of appearance, the LED lights are also much more interesting if compared with conventional bulbs. Unlike the general illumination lamps that use electrical energy as a power source to turn on the light and generate light, but the light only solar power supplied from the solar energy received by the solar modules into electricity and stored in batteries so it does not require supply from PLN. Because it does not require the supply of the electricity, then this also means that the use of this type of lamp, you no longer need to pay the monthly electricity costs.

As the street lamps that can operate autonomously without electricity network, the installation of solar street lights do not require wiring, it is suitable for areas far from the reach of electricity. Because it does not require electricity and the electricity network, making the installation of solar powered light is also getting easier, because it is generally in the purchase of a solar lamp is equipped with application instructions. There are many reasons that make the solar street lights as an attractive option compared to street lights conventional, some of which is due to street lights solar powered this module durability of solar panels and LEDs are very high, independent, no power network, using solar energy which can be obtained free of charge and the amount was plentiful, installation is very easy, does not require maintenance, easy to move and find many other reasons.

Solar LED street lights applied is very extensive, although initially the use of street lights have to be prioritized for the most remote places and not get reach the electricity, but over the course of time of application of the streetlight is widespread, not only used in remote areas without electricity, but also to various other places such as residential streets, sports stadiums, parks, lighting, travel, street lights plantation, mining street lights and so on.

As well as the wide selection and application of more street lights, in the application of solar lights also must be done properly. There are some important considerations that must be considered, such as adjusting the height of the lamp (lamp height 4-8 meters) with a light level (watt), using solar panels in accordance with the power LED lights that need. Do not forget to always pay attention to the quality of the solar panel manufacturer’s product warranty, it is advisable to use a product that is the official warranty or ISO or CUV.

Solar LED street lights is a cost-effective alternative for use as a power source for lighting in public streets have street lights using free energy sources and infinite nature. The components included in the solar LED street lamps including solar panels, LED lights, charge Controller Automatic Timer, Battery SLA / VLRA Deep Cycle Maintenance Free, Battery Box, Various Brackets and Wiring harnesses.

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