Lorentz Solar Water Pump

Lorentz Solar Water Pump

Lorentz Solar Water Pump – Water Pump is a solution to meet the needs of clean water for consumption, irrigation in paddy field, bathing, washing and so on. Solar Water Pumps is one of the applications of solar power plants that in recent time is so popular and in great demand. It is an independent water pump that works using a source of electricity generated by solar photovoltaics through solar panels and economical operation of wind-powered pumps which do not provide adequate performance, because the use of solar, making water pump is extremely efficient and also environmentally friendly. With the use of this type of water pump, efforts to meet the needs of clean water will become easier. Especially in Indonesia is also a tropical country where in this country sunlight is plentiful and can be found almost every day throughout Indonesia.

Water pump with solar propulsion work at low speed so that water can flow even though at the time if the clouds blocked the sun. There are many benefits that you can get from the use of water pumps solar-powered them are more independent or independent because it does not use electricity grid or a generator, so flexible, the design of springs in, Economical, do not use the battery to work during the day, works automatically, system control and certainly more practical, because the use and installation can be done more easily without the use of wires or other devices. Solar water pumps consists of solar panels that generate DC electric current when exposed to sunlight and DC water pump for pumping water. Currently there are two types of solar water pumps, including the Lorentz solar water pumps. This is one type of solar water pumps are very popular and widely used. Of course, since this water pump has many interesting features that will be very beneficial for its users.

Lorentz water pump can operate without using the battery, so that Non Care Costs, Without PLN. This allows the pump this water to be used anywhere, not least in the area of electricity crisis or even in areas not reached by the electricity at all, such as in remote areas. Lorentz water pump is available in several types, such as Type Submersible (Submersible Pump) With Head Up to 200 Meter and Pump Surface (Surface pump). The capacity offered is also very varied, including Lorentz PS-150, PS-200 Lorentz, Lorentz PS-600, PS-1200 Lorentz, Lorentz Lorentz PS-1800 and PS-4000. With the variety of options available, this course will help you to more easily select and adapt to needs.

To be able to find Lorentz solar water pump is not a difficult thing to do, because now there are a lot of agents and suppliers Lorentz emerging water pump. They come with a huge amount of choice of the type and capacity of water pumps, as well as the price offered. Even today many providers Lorentz solar water pumps that provide authorized online services, where this service allows you to be able to book and purchase online Lorentz solar water pump or remotely.

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