Indonesia Solar Power

Indonesia Solar Power

Indonesia solar power- Solar Power Plant (SPP) is a power plant that converts solar energy into electricity. This power plant is one of the utilization of solar energy into one of the renewable energy sources that are environmentally friendly. Solar power generation is also becoming an alternative energy to reduce dependence on fossil energy and the use of which has been used. Although the utilization of solar power has not been as big as fossil energy, but if developed appropriately, solar power has the potential far greater than the fossil energy. This is because solar power uses the sun as an energy source in which we know that the sun has the potential and capacity is not unlimited. Solar energy can be obtained easily and free of charge, the amount is not limited. Of course this is very different from the fossil energy that number is very limited. So if continuously used, it will run out of fossil energy.

Indonesia, as a country located in the equatorial region, has a huge potential to develop of solar utilization. Because Indonesia has a tropical climate where the sun illuminates the Earth Indonesia many, even most of the year you can find the sun, even on rainy days lower intensity. With the sun shining throughout the year, it is estimated the solar energy can generate up to 4.8 kWh / m2, equivalent to 112,000 GWp. However, it must be recognized that the utilization of Indonesia solar power is not up to today’s effort is still underway.

In Indonesia, the utilization of solar energy through solar power use in rural or remote areas that are not reached by electricity, its use is also still on a small scale the use of Solar Home System (SHS) or small scale power plants installed in a decentralized manner. Along with its development, the current SHS applications are increasingly widespread, as is evident by the increasing number of households that use this system to get electricity from solar sources. Solar power in addition be used to operate the electronic equipment in the home is also used for various other purposes, such as for drying agricultural products, help irrigate the fields and meet the needs of clean water by using solar water pumps and so on.

Despite the large-scale utilization of solar power in Indonesia is still small, but the effort is still being developed. So do not be surprised if later many emerging solar power plants in various regions such as those in Bali, NTT and so on. Indonesian is still trying to increase the number of Solar Power Generation in Indonesia by cooperating with investors both within and outside the country. How that is done that is by increasing the number of solar power plants as well as to increase the capacity of electricity produced. While this is indeed has sprung producers or manufacturers of Indonesia solar power, this is a device used in solar systems where the function of this tool is to Capture and then convert sunlight into electrical energy.

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