Solar Power Technology

Solar Power Technology

Solar power technology continues to be developed to be able to get optimum benefit from solar power. Efforts to develop solar power have been carried out since tens of years ago by various countries around the world, not least also in Indonesia. This happens because of the growing awareness of the plight of human nature that occur today due to pollution and waste of fossil energy. Various conditions such as global warming, acid rain, various disasters that hit and other critical conditions would have to be handled wisely and appropriately, because otherwise it will lead to worse conditions. In addition to the reasons of protecting the environment, developing solar power as renewable energy is also based on the limited fossil energy which has been used by humans to meet the demand for electricity and fuel oil. As we know that fossil energy is the type of resource that could not be updated. So if used continuously, then this energy will be depleted. So inevitably the man should be able to find alternative energy to replace or reduce reliance on the use of fossil energy.

Solar panels as a technology for utilization of solar power to this day is still being developed and refined. Various research and development to production and utilization of solar panels is also being conducted. despite never failing, but now Indonesia has been able to demonstrate its ability in producing solar panels that not only have a higher efficacy, but also efficiency and also more environmentally friendly. Because in contrast to the first generation in which the production of solar panels Indonesia are still using mercury which is not environmentally friendly, the next generation of solar panels designed with a more environmentally friendly workplace a more optimal results.

Various types of solar power technology are continues to emerge, including the latest types of semi-flexible and fully flexible. The solar panels of this type not only has high stability and also greater ability to capture and convert solar energy into electrical energy, but the panel is also designed to be lighter, easier to carry, very strong and resistant to extreme weather conditions. Flexible Solar Panels can be attached to the roof chart boats, houses, cars and other places because it does not require the support and very easy to carry.

The main focus of the development of solar panel technology is to find new ways to store the energy produced by the sun. The commitment to develop solar technology in Indonesia is not only a priority of the developers and investors, but also by the government. However, growth is still slower compared to some developed countries. Growth in the use of solar power in Indonesia still needs to be driven by the policy of the government, such as by providing tax incentives for companies that already use a certain percentage of solar electricity.

With increasingly sophisticated and rapid development of solar power technology in Indonesia at this time, it will be influenced the increasing interest to get involved in the utilization of solar power technology and reduce dependence on electricity from fossil energy is very environmentally friendly and their numbers are dwindling.

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